Calcite Stone Bracelet

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Calcite – The Stone of Positivity


CHAKRA: Varies according to colour

Calcite helps form a connection between your emotions and intellect, thereby increasing your emotional intelligence and accelerating spiritual development. It therefore makes you more confident and firm in your intentions, acting as a stabilizing agent to help you trust yourself and overcome obstacles in life. Moreover, through heightened awareness and spiritual awakening, it helps boost memory and increase insight and decision making, making it a useful stone for students and professionals. 

Because of its connection with the heart, it is also a great gift as a ‘distant healing’ crystal, i.e. sending love and support to others in the form of Calcite.

Blue Calcite is perfect for those suffering from stress and lack of confidence. It helps soothe frayed nerves and aids in open and fluent communication. It also works particularly well for those recuperating as it facilitates physical healing by clearing negative emotions and encouraging rest and relaxation.


To maximize its vibration, simply hold it in your hand to create an amazing flow of energy through your body. Or you could place it in a communal area to cleanse your environment and radiate a positive aura.

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