Rutile Stone Bracelet

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Rutilated quartz is filled with thin threads of titanium dioxide minerals that are often referred to as Venus hairs. Rutiles comes in  many different colors; Gold, silver, red etc and they are an antenna to receive positive energy and infuse your body with divine light to energize your chakras making then a very powerful crystal to have in your home!

Rutile Quartz encourages spiritual growth and brighten your heart with hope.  It also removes barriers and blockages that may be in the way to stop you from moving forward. It also filter negative energy, helping to lift dark moods, soothe anxiety and relieve stress.

The energetic energies of Rutile make it an energizing gem nugget and help to face the challenges of life and infuse courage to move on, leaving the past behind. The resonating energy of the stone helps to clean the blockages from the intellect moreover helps to enhance the intellectual abilities.

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