Howlite Stone Bracelet

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Howlite is known for its soothing, peaceful energy that helps relieve stress and calm extreme tempers. Its beautiful white colour is symbolic of the purity, tranquility and spirituality it brings into your life, and is a great stone for anyone seeking peace and harmony.

The Howlite works to heighten your mental awareness, bringing pristine clarity and focus in your life. Its relaxing aura helps in removing negative energies, and releasing attachments or cords linking to old emotional pain from the past or present. For those who may be looking for a solution to control their temper or bring balance to their emotions, this stone is a must-have. It helps increase patience while keeping anger and emotional overreactions in check.

Bedroom: Keep the stone in the bedroom or under the pillow for restful sleep and to aid with insomnia.

Personal space/meditation: Keep it in your purse or pocket to keep anger at bay. While meditating, hold it in your hand to calm the mind and take you to a deeper meditative state.

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